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Samant Inc. Internet dealing service is a Price Driven Service (PDS). Being a PDS means that we are continually publishing Tradable dealing prices (not Information prices) directly to clients in real-time. Therefore the prices that are appearing on the PC screens of customers are the prices they can directly trade on. Being this close to the market allows customers to send an order and receive a trade confirmation within seconds.

Samant Inc. offers a No Dealing Desk trading option. With the No Dealing Desk option, traders bypass the Dealing Desk and have the ability to trade using pricing from some of the world's largest banks. The No Dealing Desk option provides the benefits of trading with bank prices, and the convenience and speed of TradeFusion award-winning trading platform.

The Benefits of Trading FOREX with Samant Inc.:

* Real Time information service;
* Live trading prices - Price driven not quote driven PDS (price driven service);
* Minimum Initial Deposit is $300 (USD);
* Leverage at the deposit <5000 $ USD - 1: 200,> 5000 $ USD - 1:50. Leverage may depending on market conditions. Maintaining leverage in this framework - the duty of the Client;
* Omnibus Account;
* Fixed spreads;
* Trade the News without dealer intervention or trade restrictions;
* Scalp the market without dealer intervention or trade restrictions;
* Competing rates from multiple banks;
* 5/24 hour market;
* On-line account valuations (Profit & Loss);
* 24-hour Electronic Stop and Limit orders;
* At the beginning of each day you will be sent a statement listing all your transactions for previous day;
* Exporting Real-Time Data in the externally programs of the technical analysis;
* Flexible Real-Time Technical Analysis and Charts;
* Statistical Analysis,
* And much more ...

Customers have access to the «Samant Inc.» dealing room 24 hours daily from 22:00am GMT Sunday through to 21:00pm GMT on Fridays.

To register a Real Trading Account you'll enter the required registration information, your Bank details to secure deposit/withdraw process and then we send to You on e-mail Login and Password.

Samant Inc. gives you the fast, and the cost-effective method to trade the major liquid currencies from your home or office 24 hours a day at the same prices as banks and corporations do. If you still don't know what the currency trading means, and how the Banks and Corporations make their money on FOREX market, you can currently study the On-Line Course and Demo Trading Account. You will get free access to Real-Time quotes and will be able to trade currencies, but instead of using real money you will trade virtual money.

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