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Samant Inc. - a Legal Tax Haven    [...for the Serious Trader...]

Company Info

  • Samant Inc. is a non-bank global dealer in online financial markets, registered in the Nevis;
  • Non-bank global dealer meaning, Samant Inc. procedures, dealbook quality, market liquidity and trading policies are inter-bank market compliant. Samant Inc. is not a broker or market maker;
  • Samant Inc. prides itself to offer clients direct inter-bank market rates at the click of a button. This covers both capital and transactional risks for the optimum peace of mind. All this combined on the same dealbook called TradeFusion;
  • Samant Inc. company policy predicts that all our clients trades are cleared with regulated banks, through brokers or any other financial institutions. This ensures clients safety and complete transparency;
  • Samant Inc. aim is to register an international Trading and Investment Bank within the medium to long term. In the mean time our clients may already trade on our inter-bank market quality dealbook with direct market rates! - TradeFusion.

Features and Benefits 

  • Free Unlimited Demo FOREX Trading, No Cost, No Obligation;
  • No Monthly Fees or Startup Costs;
  • FOREX Market Open 24 Hours a Day – Sunday 24:00 GMT to Friday 23:00 GMT;
  • $300 Account Minimum for a FOREX Account;
  • Omnibus Account;
  • Mini Lots (10.000);
  • Instantaneous Updates on Personal Account: Orders Placed, Open Positions Reporting, Profit and Loss, Margin and History of all Trading Activity;
  • 24 Hour Access to Trading from Anywhere in the World;
  • Personally Manage Your Own Money and Make Your Own Decision;
  • Execute Currency Trades with a Click of a Mouse;
  • Free Access to Real-Time Charting Service with a Variety of Technical Analysis;

Regulations and Policy

  • Samant Inc. realizes that any company policy is only as sound and effective as the values, principles and expertise it is built on and more pertinently, the character, integrity, honesty and skills of the policy makers behind it. These company policies ensure long term relationships with our clients;
  • Samant Inc. does not apply an excessive «market making» policy but offers direct rates from the actual inter-bank markets with NO constant interventions from dealers;
  • Samant Inc. deals with financial institutions to ensure optimal liquidity and security to our clients business. This implies that all trades at Samant Inc. are cleared with regulated banks, brokers or any other type financial institution;
  • Samant Inc. does have a focus on long term client relations within the capital trading markets. To achieve this, company policy is set to maximize the trading environment so that clients can make more money. The more money our traders make, the more money Samant Inc. makes as the dealer and vice versa. Such policies are within legal parameters to ensure that trading can be done with the minimum interruptions from dealers. This allows traders to make the most money;
  • Samant Inc. does not support any unrealistic public promotion of the capital markets;
  • Where applicable, Samant Inc. abides by any and all inter-bank regulations and IBC legislations as imposed under our non-bank clearing agreement with our banks.

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